AZ Arboretums

Palm Collection at ASU

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana
King palm, located at southeast corner of Farmer atrium and at Social Sciences courtyard.

Beaucarnea recurvata
Ponytail palm, Farmer atrium, in pot near fountain. Also at entrance to Language and Literature, and at north end of Administration A Wing.

Brahea brandegeei
San Jose hesper palm, located on Cady Mall between Language and Literature and Nursing

Brahea armata
Mexican blue palm. East of Old Main, and in front of Armstrong Hall on Orange Street

Caryota ochlandra
Farmer of corner southeast at located palm, Canton fishtail

Chamaedorea elegans
Southwest in palm triangle front and corner, northwest soil atrium palm.

Chamaerops humilis
Mediterranean fan palm. Located at walkway to Gammage at corner of Forest Avenue and Gammage Parkway. Also, in front of Noble Library.

Cycas revoluta
Sago palm or cycad. In front of Anthropology, and in front of Engineering G-Wing.

Howea forsterana
Kentia palm. Two in pots by fountain in Farmer atrium.

Phoenix canariensis
Canary Island date palm. Moeur Building, big tree area.

Phoenix dactylifera 'Medjool'
Medjool date palm. Big tree area, intersection of Forest and Orange Mall, Cantina.

Phoenix reclinata
Senegal date palm. North side of Language and Literature. Courtyard of Engineering G Wing. In front of Armstrong Hall on Orange Street.

Phoenix roebelenii
Pygmy date palm. In front of Engineering G Wing. In pot in southeast corner of fountain in Farmer atrium.

Sabal palmetto
Cabbage palmetto. Big tree area.

Sabal mexicana (Sabal texana)
Oaxaca palmetto. Planting circles on either side of walkway to Gammage at corner of Forest Avenue and Gammage Parkway. In courtyard of Engineering G Wing.

Syagrus romanzoffianum
Queen palm. East side of Armstrong Hall on Orange Street.

Trachycarpus fortunei
Windmill palm. East and west of entrance to Moeur Building.

Washingtonia filifera
California fan palm. Big tree area, also surrounding ASU campus.

Washingtonia robusta
Mexican fan palm. Gammage Parkway, Palm Walk.