The Plant List

Washingtonia robusta
(W. gracilis, W. sonorae, 
Pritchardia robusta)

Common: Mexican fan palm, Mexican washingtonia, Thread palm
Family: Arecaceae (Palmae)
Sunset Zone: 9-11
Origin: Native to central Baja California
Soil: Takes poor soil, but grows faster where soil is good.
Water: Move well with ample watering and feeding. Older plants tolerate periods of neglect.

Widely seen as an avenue tree. Especially beautiful in clusters of three to five plants.

Forms a more slender trunk than the California fan palm, and has a crown spread of 13 feet.

Rapid growing to 75 ft, 10 ft wife. Compact crown, rough thatch.

Distinguished from California fan palm by greener leaves and reddish streak along underside of leaf stalks at the trunk end. Sprays of tiny white flowers followed by small dark fruits on female plants.

Damaged by temperatures below 25F.

Older plants take on natural curvature. Flower stalks are a nuisance, and produce small black seeds which sprout everywhere.

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