Trachycarpus fortunei

Common: Windmill palm, Chinese fan palm, Chinese windmill palm, Chusan palm
Family: Arecaceae (Palmae)
Origin: Native to mountainous areas of southern and southeastern China
Light: Partial shade is best. Palms grown in full sun may have a much small crown. Should be protected from the wind.
Water: Adequate moisture makes for rapid growth. Well drained soil. Irrigation is a plus.
Temperature: Not heat tolerant.

One of the hardiest palms available, to 10 degrees F. Adapted to cooler, coastal climate zones.

Handsome addition to any landscape. Accent plant that fits well into small areas and grows well in containers. Small patio tree.

Medium sized palm grows to about 20 feet with a crown width of 10 feet. Fast growing. Trunk is covered with heavy brown fiber and often narrow at the base than at the top. Leaves are palmate, about 3 feet wide. Fan-shaped leaves range in color from yellow-green to green to gray-green. White fragrant summer flowers, 1/2" dark blue kidney-shaped fruit.

This tough palm is sometimes found under a cover of snow and ice.

Commonly grown as landscape specimen in central and northern Florida, southeast U.S. coast, Gulf coast, and California. From Lake Como in Italy to the Cornish coast of Great Britain to Washington, D.C., this popular palm makes a welcome addition to any landscape. Needs occasional fertilization and pruning.



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