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Phoenix dactylifera "Medjool"

Common: Medjool date palm, Date palm, Arab date
Family: Palmae
Origin: Middle East
Sunset Zone: 9, warmer parts of 11, 12-24
Light: Shade when small, move into full sun to partial shade as they grow. Thrives under heat and intense sun.
Soil: Most soils, well drained
Water: Drought tolerant, regular water
Temperature: Hardy to 18F

Too stiff and large for most home gardens, but adapts to and does well in seaside and desert gardens. Dramatic silhouette, emphasis plant. Very tall (up to 80 ft.) with slender trunk and gray green, waxy leaves. Multi-trunked by nature. Rigid, upright, open. Characterized by tough gray trunk and feather-duster crown of fronds. Gray-green leaflets stiff, sharp pointed. Suckers from base. Small yellowish flowers in large hanging sprays, followed by clusters of edible dates. Both male and female trees needed to produce fruit.

Prune away dead leaves; offshoots may be removed and planted when 10-12 inches in length. Prone to spider mites, sucking insects; wash down with hose to clean and provide humidity. Need little maintenance; thrive with reasonably fertile soil and adequate water.

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