Mediterranean fan palm
Chamaerops humilis

Common: Mediterranean fan palm
Family: Palmae
Origin: Southern Europe
Temperature: Tolerant of heat and temperatures as low as 12° F
Light: Partial or full sun
Soil: All soil types; prefers rich moist soils
Water: Summer water speeds growth

Probably hardiest palm; use in containers, mass under trees, grow as impenetrable hedge. Use it for screening and space dividers.

Clumps develop from offshoots, curving to height of 5-15 ft; rounded head of fanlike leaves 5-20 feet across. In time, trunks lean outward so that a single plant may sprawl to 20 ft. Grows faster and larger with ample feedings and water.

Fronds green to bluish green; stems are thorny with lots of fiber at the base. Unobtrusive bloom; small shiny black bead-like fruit below leaves around trunk.

Wind resistant. Rarely needs attention. Littering could be a problem. Remove offshoots and establish a clean and defined silhouette.



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