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Howea forsterana

Common: Kentia palm, Howeia, Forster sentry palm, Thatch palm
Origin: Native to Lord Howe Island, 200 miles east of Australia
Light: Tolerates all light conditions
Water: Moderate drought tolerance
Temperature: Frost tolerance to 28 degrees F

Formerly thought to be primarily for indoor use. Plant under another plant when using outdoors. Ideal pot plants, the classic parlor palm. Slender, straight trunk with light thatch. Moderate growth rate; maximum height is 30 feet.

Fronds are light and lacy, giving a delicate appearance, and bend down gracefully.

These palms last for many years and are very durable, although like most palms, cannot tolerate severe dryness or continual over-watering.

Spotting on leaves of indoor plants may been it is in too bright a light, or there is an excess of certain chemicals (fluoride) in the water.

Remove leaves as they discolor. If due to incorrect watering, the tips of the leaves may become brown. If this happens, trim to the shape of the leaf.

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