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Water Conservation Tips

Although Phoenix has adequate water because of long-range planning and proactive water-management techniques, we are still in a long drought and need to conserve water whenever possible. Despite the monsoon rains, we all must remember that the Valley is in a desert and that water is in short supply.

Water conservation should simply be our way of life, a way that respects a precious natural resource and a way in which each of us uses water responsibly.

After all, water conservation simply means not wasting water. Every drop we save now can help later if the drought continues as expected.

Although Phoenix can't control how much moisture falls on our watershed, each of us can control our actions when it comes to conserving water. The Phoenix city government has reduced water use within its departments and continues to promote wise water use with a conservation program that is more than 20 years old.

Please take it upon yourself to think about water every time you use it. Think about how you use water outdoors as well as indoors.

Water-conservation measures that each of us should be implementing include planting turf only if needed, not overwatering native plants, understanding how our irrigation system works, and fixing those leaky faucets and toilets.

And by all means, when it rains, turn off that drip or sprinkler system for a while.

To assist with understanding the drought and identifying ways to save water, the Phoenix Water Services Department has created Phoenix In Drought.

This program regularly focuses on many aspects of drought, water conservation, public-awareness programs and many customer-service issues that can save you money and headaches.

Remember, take a second to think about water, and use it responsibly.