AZ Arboretums

About Us

This website grew from an ASU student project to a collaboration of volunteers working with the ASU Arboretum.

What started as a few pages of a Departmental website on campus has become a full-fledged independent website, not affiliated with any specific arboretum or botanical garden.

When it was requested that the ASU Arboretum plant list and information be removed from the Facilities Management website, the volunteers joined together to keep the plant list, a valuable reference tool used by various on and off campus parties, from disappearing completely, and Arizona was born.

We welcome your input and comments about things you would like to see on this site. Remember, however, that we are still supported by volunteers, and are without the kind of budget most websites of this kind have at their disposal.

Our plant list encompasses many of the plants used in arboretums, botanical gardens and private homes throughout the Desert Southwest. It is not exclusive to any one arboretum or public garden listed on this website, and is not meant to represent an exclusive plant list of any one garden or arboretum.