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Sago palm
Cycas revoluta

Common: Sago palm
Family: Cycadaceae
Sunset Zone: 8-24
Temperature: Hardiest (to 15 F), most widely grown cycad
Light: Full sun, open or filtered shade. Should have afternoon shadow in low desert areas.
Soil: Sandy and poor soil types
Water: Regular water

Choice container or bonsai plant; useful for tropical look. From central point of single trunk (sometimes several trunks), leaves grow out in rosettes. Actually not palm at all; grows very slowly to height of 5-10 ft and 3-4 ft. wide.

Lacy appearance of ferns in youth; with age looks more like palm. Featherlike leaves are 2-3 ft. long, divided into many narrow, leathery, dark glossy green segments. Makes offsets (new plants attached to parent). Primitive cone-bearing plant related to conifers. Little to no maintenance.

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