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Caesalpinia gilliesii

Yellow bird of paradise

Common: Yellow Bird of Paradise
Family: Fabaceae
Range/Origin: Originally Argentina, now naturalized throughout SW US
Light: Full sun
Soil: Adaptable, prefers sandy, rocky soils
Water: Deep and infrequent; naturalizes along roadsides and in washes

Large irregular shrub, can be trained to small tree. Deciduous, may be evergreen in warmer areas. 5-10ft, spread 4-6ft; rapid growth. Leaves are 3-5in long, finely cut ferny appearance.  Flowers appear on branch terminals. Solid yellow flowers with long red stamens; bloom mainly in spring and early summer, then sporadically; 4-5in long; showy. Tan fuzzy pods, curled, persistent on branches unless removed. Greenish stems and trunk.

Good for summer color. Attracts hummingbirds.