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Xylosma congestum
(X. racemosum, X. senticosum, Myroxylon senticosum)

Japanese xylosma

Common: Xylosma, Japanese xylosma, Shiny xylosma
Family: Flacourtiaceae
Sunset Zone: 8-24
Sun: Full sun or filtered shade
Soil: Adaptable to most soils; heat tolerant.
Water: Looks best with moderate watering. Drought tolerant once established.

One of the most versatile of the all-foliage landscape structure plants. Use as single or multi-trunked tree, arching shrub, ground or bank cover, espalier on wall or fence, clipped or unclipped hedge, or container shrub in large container.

Loose, graceful, spreading evergreen or deciduous shrub.

Grows to 8-10 feet tall and as wide or wider. Left alone, plants develop angular main stem that takes its time zigzagging upward. Side branches grow long and graceful, arching or drooping, sometimes even lying on the ground.

Leaves are shiny yellowish green, long pointed, oval in shape. New growth is bronzy. Some plants are spiny. Flowers are insignificant and rarely seen.

Moderate feeding. Spray to control scale or red spider mites. Well-established plants are evergreen except in coldest seasons, and new leaves come fast.