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Pittosporium phillyraesides

Willow pittosporum

Common: Willow pittosporum, Narrow-leaved pittosporum
Family: Pittosporaceae
Sunset Zone: 8-9, 12-24
Origin: Native to Australia
Light: Full or reflected sun
Soil: Tolerant. Prefers loose soil and good drainage
Water: Accepts moderate water. Best with deep periodic irrigation

Use for desert grove or evergreen waterside effect. Adapts to small space.

Different from typical pittosporums; slender, erect, willowlike tree with long trailing branches. Trained as single or multiple trunked tree. Grows at slow to moderate rate to 15-20 ft, with spread of 10-15 ft.

Very narrow, light gray-green leaves, 3-inches in length.

Seed litter in abundant years, but not always a problem.

Can appear sparse and twiggy. One of the more decorative small scale trees for the desert.