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Ficus benjamina

Fremont cottonwood

Common: Weeping fig, Weeping Chinese banyan
Family: Moraceae
Origin: Native to India
Light: Sun or shade in frost free, wind protected environment
Water: Thrives on rich, steadily moist (not wet) soil
Temperature: Best fig for heat tolerance

Excellent medium-sized tree for patios or lawns.

Can be trained to grow flat against a wall as an espalier.

Attractive indoor decorating tree. Often used as small tree in entryway or patio.

In mildest climates, can be used as clipped hedge. Good screening material. Makes a dense green background plant and gives a nice tropical effect to landscape.

Slow growing. To 30 feet high and broadly spreading.

Drooping branches. Evergreen. Leathery, poplarlike pointed leaves, five inches long, shining green. Inedible red fig fruit.

The name benjamina is the latinized of the Sanskrit name for banyan.