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Agave weberi

Weber agave

Common: Weber agave
Family: Agavaceae
Origin/Range: USA (Texas), Mexico (San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas))
Light: Full sun
Hardy to 12°F ( -11°C). Excellent heat tolerance.

Water:  Little water

Also known as Agave franchesiana.

Sensitive to the agave weevils. Medium to large sized rosette of fleshy, spine-tipped, deep green to gray-green leaves with finely toothed margins. Bright yellow flowers on 20' branched stalks at maturity. Low water, light shade to full sun, well draining soil, hardy to 15°. Propagate by offset “pups”.

Found only as cultivated plant in arid areas of north-central and northeastern Mexico and South Texas.

Strong accent or focal point for large desert gardens and xeric landscape design themes.Some may consider tip pruning spiny leaf apexes. A good substitute for the more dangerous A. americana. Avoid planting in small spaces as Weber's agave will quickly become too large.