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Ligustrum japonicum

Wax-leaf privet

Common: Wax-leaf privet
Family: Oleaceae
Sunset Zone: 4-24
Origin: Native to Japan and Korea
Light: Open to filtered shade, part sun. Sunburns in hot spells.
Soil: Improved garden soil with good drainage.
Water: Moderate, but accepts light to heavy.

Clipped as high or low hedge. Topiary plant, standard tree or feature plant for containers. Makes dense screening plant and background plant. Evergreen shrub. Dense, compact, and erect.

Grows at moderate rate to 10 or 12 feet high with an almost equal spread.

Foliage reaches to ground if left untrimmed. Leathery, almost spongy leaves. Dark green above, whitish underneath. Long wide pointed oval in shape, 2-4 inches long.

Whitish, sometimes fragrant, flowers in clusters in summer; small dark berries follow. Berries are poisonous. Pollen can be quite bothersome to those who are allergic.

Very susceptible to Texas root rot. Subject to root knot nematodes and brittle leaf.