AZ Arboretums

Leucophyllum candidum

Violet texas ranger

Common:Violet Texas Ranger, Silverleaf, Violet silverleaf, Cenizo
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Origin: Southwest USA, northern Mexico
Light: Full sun
Little to moderate water when established, do not overwater
Temp: Hardy to 10° F (-7°C)
Soil: N eeds good drainage.

Evergreen shrub, 2 to 5 feet tall (0.6-1.5 m), 2 to 5 feet wide (0.6-1.5 m); silvery white leaves; young leaves velvety to the touch. Young twiggy growth is white and furry (like leaves), older growth more woody

The Violet Texas Ranger has purple flower in summer and fall, often after a rain.

The 'Thundercloud' Silverleaf is slightly smaller than the species. 'Silver Cloud' has been selected for its abundant blossom.

Valuable for median planting, contrasting foliage color. Outstanding color display. Good for mass plantings.