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Catharanthus roseus (Vinca rosea)

Vinca rosa

Common: Vinca, Madagascar periwinkle
Family: Apocynaceae
Light: Full sun or light shade
Soil: Prefers sandy soil. Fast draining, reasonably salt tolerant
Water: Regular water

The little series grows a compact 8-10 inches. Creeping strains grow 4-8 inches tall, 1-1/2 ft. wide.

Will bloom first season from seed sown early indoors, in greenhouse or cold frame. Good for summer-fall color in hot climates. Showiest summer flower in hot, interior gardens, planters and pots.

One to three inch long glossy leaves cover bushy plant 1-2 ft. high.

Phloxlike flowers in white, blush pink or bright rose, 1-1/2 inches wide.

Continues to flower after marigolds and zinnias have gone. Lives over in frostless areas, but may look ragged in winter. Self sows readily.