AZ Arboretums

Prosopis velutina

Velvet mequite

Common: Velvet mesquite, Common mesquite, Arizona mesquite
Family: Leguminosae (Fabaceae)
Origin: Native to Sonoran, Chihuahuan deserts
Temperature:  Hardy to 0 degrees
Light: Full or reflected sun to part shade
Soil: Tolerates wide range of arid soil types
Water: Drought tolerate when established. Develops into larger tree with thorough soaking of root zone every month or two during warm seasons.

Spiny mesquite that grows at moderate rate. Reaches 30 feet in height and spread. Single or multi-trunked with rough bark. Soft gray-green leaves, oblong, finely textured. Short gray hairs cover almost all younger parts of the plant.

Yellow catkinlike flower clusters hang from branches in spring. Blooms are 2 to 3 inches long. Seed pods as long as 9 inches ripen in late summer.

Open filtered summer shade for patios and residential areas. Wild trees often appear gnarled and twisted. Does well in lawn areas.