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Lantana montevidensis

Trailing lantana

Common: Trailing lantana, trailing shrub lantana
Family: Verbenaceae
Origin/Range: Argentina, South America; naturalized in large areas of the US
Light: full sun, takes heat; gets leggy and bloom is poor in shade
Hardy to 20°F; may go leafless or die back to ground but recovers quickly
Regular irrigation; 1-2 deep irrigations per week to keep good bloom set; takes overhead spray
Soil: Tolerant to most soil types

Evergreen groundcover. 12in, spread to 6ft.

Leaves simple, opposite, smaller and with a finer texture than L. camara; tricones sandpapery rather than coarse.

Flower color varies, white to lavender or pink; bloom from March to frost. Has smallish blue berries. Lantana berries are poisonous. Stems ramble over ground.

The Trailing Lantana is a common vision in Phoenix landscapes. It is very well adapted to the extreme temperatures and is covered with blue flowers year around (there is a white variety). Its dark green foliage has a characteristic fragrance.

Most reliable source of low-maintenance color. Excellent for planters, borders.