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Cordia boissieri

Texas olive

Common: Texas olive, Anacahuita
Family: Boraginaceae
Range/Origin: Texas Rio Grande area, northern Mexico
Light: Full sun, reflected heat
Drought tolerant, 1-2 times per month when established; more frequently when young or to increase growth rate
Adaptable, good drainage
Tip die-back seen in mid twenties

Large shrub, can be trained to single stem tree. 

Evergreen; may be deciduous in colder climates.

Leaves are single, obovate, to 5in long, gray-green on top lighter underneath; thick.

Flowers appear on branch terminals, single, 2.5in across, attractive white flower with yellow center; bloom normally in late spring or early summer but in Tucson sporadically all year. Olive-sized fleshy round fruit with large single seed, yellow-green; not edible.

Valuable as large landscape shrub.  Speciman plant when in bloom. Patio tree, can be planted on medians and on roadsides.