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Taxodium mucronatum

Montezuma cypress

Common: Montezuma cypress
Family: Taxodiaceae
Sunset Zone: 5, 6, 8-10, 12-14
Origin: Native to southwestern United States and Mexico
Light: Full sun
Soil: Tolerate dry to wet soil
Water: Widely tolerant once established, from little to none or ample. Slower growing under dry conditions.

Graceful, fine textured evergreen tree for large lawns. Dense informal background to other leafy plants.

Conifer of great size, strongly weeping branches. Fast growing in youth, with water will reach 40 ft. in 14 years.

Slow growing under dry conditions. Eventually, it becomes 75 feet high, 30 feet wide. Large tree. Short, narrow, flat, needlelike leaves in sprays.

Scented cones. No particular pests or diseases. Adapt widely to colder and dryer climates.