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Citrus aurantium

Fremont cottonwood

Common: Sour orange, Seville orange
Family: Rutaceae
Origin: Asia
Sunset Zone: Outdoors in Zones 8, 9, 12-14
Temperature: Down to 20 F
Light: Citrus bark sunburns in hot sun areas; trunks should be wrapped
Soil: Most soils, well drained
Water: Moist soil, never free-standing water

Makes large hedges, street trees, lawn trees; plant 6-10 feet apart for tall screen, 3-4 ft. (prune heavily) for hedge. Grows to 20-30 ft. with 15-20 ft. spread, dense foliage.

Durable, decorative, vigorous grower, spiny crown. Spectacular orange red 3-inch fruits in clusters. Fragrant white flowers in spring.

Fruit is bitter and makes excellent bitter marmalade.

Susceptible to aphids, mites, scale insects, mealy bugs.

Sour orange rootstock has been used to confer greater cold heartiness on sweet oranges. Was grown in Spain for fruit shipped to England for marmalade; brought to New World by Spaniards.

Used in making liqueurs such as Cointreau, Curacao, Grand Marnier and Triple Sec.