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Yucca elata

Soaptree yucca

Common: Soaptree yucca
Family: Agavaceae
Origin/Range: Chihuanhuan desert
Light:  Full sun
Hardy to 0°F

Water:  Natural rainfall; supplemental water will increase growth rate
Soil: Deep soil, good drainage; not in gravel, best in flats

Erect, trunk-forming succulent, also forms branches. Evergreen.

6-20ft high, branch spread 6ft or more; specimens with breadth to 12ft known
Leaves: long slender blades, to 4ft long, 1/2in wide, flexible when green, sharp tips; develops white threads along margins; old leaves yellow and bend downward, forming an attractive barrier around trunk.

Flowers appear on stalk emerging from central portion of each branch, grows 4-6ft above foliage, loose spike of hanging white bell-shaped flowers; bloom in spring. Small seed contained in 3-chambered brown pod, pod 2-3in long 1.5-2in across.

Distinctive single trunk and attractive arm-like branches; best with old dry leaves left in place. Minimal maintenance. Use as accent plant,  bird habitat.