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Agave desmettiana

Smooth agave

Common: Smooth agave
Family: Agavaceae
Origin/Range: In cultivation only, maybe from Sinaloa (Mexico), maybe from Cuba
Light: Full sun to shade
Semi hardy in Phoenix to 25°F ( -4°C)

Water:  Moderate to little water

Clumping succulent rosette, up to 3 feet in diameter each (90 cm). A form of the Agave desmettiana with yellow margins can be found.

The pale yellow flowers of the Agave desmettiana are organized in a 8 to 10 feet tall panicle (2.5 to 3 m). They come generally on plants older than 8 years. Flowering late spring--early summer.

Appears in sandy places along roadsides and in hammocks; 0 m; introduced; Fla.; Mexico. In Mexico it is grown only as an ornamental.