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Grevilla robusta

Silk oak

Common: Silk oak
Family: Proteaceae
Origin: Native to Queensland and New South Wales
Light: Partial, full or reflected sun
Soil: Tolerant. Prefers deep soil, needs good drainage
Water: Best with deep spaced irrigation.

Use for quick, tall screening, or clip for tall hedge. Fast shade producer. Row tree by roadsides or in public areas. Also works very well as a specimen tree. Not recommended for small areas.

Symmetrical, pyramidal when young. Erect and columnar. Older trees have heavy, horizontal limbs.

Fast growing to 50-60 ft. with spread of 25 feet when grown in deep soil. Fern-like leaves, medium to dark green, densely cover the tree. Heavy leaf drop in fall, sporadic leaf drop throughout year.

Dense flat clusters of yellow-orange flowers appear in spring; small woody pods follow.

Brittle. Easily damaged in high winds. Older trees develop dead unsightly branches that require pruning.

Very susceptible to Texas root rot.