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Fraxinus uhdei

lShamel ash

Common: Shamel ash, Evergreen ash, Mexican ash
Family: Oleaceae
Origin: Native to Mexico
Sunset Zone: 9, 12-24
Temperature: In colder areas, may lose most or all foliage; sharp frosts kill back branch tips. May burn if subjected to hot winds.
Light: Full sun
Soil: Most soils, well drained
Water: Shallow rooted; encourage deeper rooting by watering deeply.

Favorite in California and low elevation deserts. Chiefly used as street tree, shade tree, lawn tree or patio shelter tree, but not suitable for inside small patios.

Upright, narrow; gradually develops spreading form as it grows older. Grows fairly fast to 25-30 ft in 10 years, 40 ft in 20 years, and can eventually reach 70-80 feet in height.

Leaves divided into five or nine glossy dark almost evergreen leaflets about 4 in. long, toothed and narrow. Petal-less flowers in large panicles.

Susceptible to Texas root rot. Resistant to oak root fungus.

Male and female flowers grow on separate trees in some species, such as Shamel ash and Velvet ash.