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Opuntia santa-rita
(Opuntia violacea santa-rita, Opuntia violacea)

Purple prickly pear

Common: Santa Rita prickly pear, Purple prickly pear
Family: Cactaceae
Origin: Texas to Arizona, northern Mexico (Coahuila, Durango)
Sunset zone: 8-9, 12-24. USDA 8-10.
Light: Full sun
Soil: Sandy or gravelly soil
Water: Little or no water once established
Temperature: Hardy in Phoenix

Succulent to four feet high, six feet across.

Stem is a greenish blue, pink or pale violet-purple color, and is thin, flat and almost round.

Flowers bloom in spring and are entirely pale yellow, including the centers. They are 3-1/2 inches wide.

Fruit is red and purplish in color, smooth, slender and 1-1/2 inches long with a diameter of 3/4 inches.

Propogation by seeds or cuttings.