AZ Arboretums



Common: Rose
Family: Rosaceae
Sunset Zone: All Zones
Light: Varies by climate. Full sun all day; in hot summer areas may require midday or afternoon shade.
Soil: Well drained
Water: Water at all times during the growing season

Hybrid teas: Plants range from 2 ft. to 6 ft. or more, depending on variety and climate. Flowers are large and shapely, one to a stem.

Grandifloras: Vigorous plants, sometimes 8-10 ft. tall, good for background or barrier plants. Flowers borne singly or in long-stemmed clusters. Good for mass color effect.

Floribundas: Originally developed from hybrid teas and polyanthas, noted for vigorous bushy plants. Flowers produced in clusters. Some have flowers of elegant hybrid tea shape, others are more informal. Flower sizes smaller than those of hybrid teas.

Low growing, ever blooming. Miniature roses: Perfect replicas of modern hybrid teas and floribundas, but plant size reduced to 12-18 inches. Small flowers, under 2 in. across, come in large sprays.

Growth habit varies by variety. Mostly deciduous, can be evergreen in mild climates. Most widely planted shrub in the West and other temperate parts of the world. Prune conservatively. Principal rose pests are aphids, spider mites and thrips. Powdery mildew, rust, and black spot are the main foliage diseases.