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Eucalyptus camaldulensis

River red gum

Common: River red gum, Redgum eucalyptus
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Native to Australia
Light: Full sun
Water: Supremely tolerant of aridity. Needs no watering except in low desert areas.
Temperature: Hardy to 12-23 degrees F.

Widely planted for windbreaks, firewood, shade and beauty. Popular landscaping trees. Highways, broad streets, parks, skyline tree.

Moderate growth.Ultimately 80 to 120 feet. Typically has curved trunk, spreading crown and gracefully weeping branches.

Long slender leaves, medium green. Tan, mottled trunk. Light yellow flowers in drooping clusters in summer, followed by many pea-size seed capsules in long clusters.

One of the most widely planted eucalypts worldwide. Endures alkaline soil. Watch for chlorosis in lawn trees in desert areas.

Resprouts after 11 degree F freeze. Grown for its impressive size rather than foliage or flowers.

Yields hard, durable timber used for many purposes, including flooring, fencing, plywood, veneer and firewood. Trees are also good producers of pollen and nectar for honey, and the honey is first grade. People along the Murray River in Australia made canoes from the bark of the Red river gum. These aboriginal peoples crafted spear throwers, boomerangs and shields from the fine hard wood of the eucalyptus.