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Eremophila maculata v. brevifolia

Native fuschia

Common:Red Eremophila, Native Fuchsia, Valentine, Emu bush
Family: Ephedraceae
Range/Origin: Native of Australia
Light: Full sun
Well drained soil is preferred.
  Hardy to 15 degrees F.

Eremophila is a large genus of 214 species, all endemic to inland Australia. A broadleaf evergreen shrub up to 9 feet tall and 9 feet wide. Very close relative to the Spotted Emu Bush.

The Red Eremophila blooms in the spring and again at the end of winter. It blooms occasionally the rest of the year. It is enjoyed by hummingbirds.

An ideal Xeriscape Landscape Plant in Arizona.

Slow growing 2 feet to 9 feet tall. Three to 9 feet wide.

Flowers are tubular with upper and lower lips and are reasonably large, very colorful and spotted. The pedicels are glabrous and S shaped which distinguishs this from the other species.