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Fraxinus angustifolia

Raywood Ash

Common: Raywood ash, Claret ash
Family: Oleaceae
Origin: Native to southeastern Europe, Turkey, and Australia
Sunset Zones: 3-9, 12-24
Light: Full sun
Soil: Many kinds of soil
Water: Drought tolerant, but needs moderate watering

Used as street trees, shade trees and lawn trees. Good for windbreaks. Tall screening tree. Durable plant for urban parks.

Compact, fine textured, round-headed deciduous tree. Fast growing to 25-35 ft., narrow when young.

Narrow compound leaves, 7-9 leaflets. Has delicate, lacy look. Foliage is dark green, red-purple fall color.

Ash species is not commonly grown in the west except in its variety "Raywood."