AZ Arboretums

Quercus virginiana

Desert zinnia

Common: Southern live oak
Family: Fagaceae
Sunset Zone: 4-24
Origin: Native to southeastern United States
Light: Full sun
Soil: Does best in deep, rich soil
Water: Thrives on water. Tolerates widely spaced irrigation once established.

Best oak for lawn planting in low desert; quality shade tree for use in large gardens and patios, avenues, parks, golf courses, and other public areas where large tree is needed.

Broad, spreading, heavy-limbed crown; most attractive of all evergreen oaks. Crown is thick and twiggy in youth. Moderate to fast growth to 60 ft. high and 40-50 ft. wide.

Dense, smooth-edged leaves 1-1/2 to 5 inches long, shiny dark green above and whitish underneath, dark fissured bark.

Fast growing variety 'Heritage' is recommended for low desert areas.

Watch for oak root fungus. This disease can be transmitted to other plants nearby.