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Bauhinia variegata

Purple orchid tree

Common: Purple orchid tree
Family: Leguminosae
Origin: Native to India, China
Sunset Zone: 13, 18-23
Temperature: Hardy to 22 F
Light: Needs sun, warmth
Soil: Well drained, deep garden soil
Water: Moderate water

Spectacular street trees where spring is warm and stays warm. Strong emphasis in flowering season. Oriental look. Seasonal look.

Grows at moderate rate with broad, bushy crown. Staked and pruned, becomes an attractive 20-35 ft. tree.

Medium green, broad-lobed leaves drop in midwinter.

Light pink to orchid purple broad-petaled, 2-3 in.-wide flowers, usually January to April, covering entire tree; produces large crop of beans after blooming; messy looking.

Trim off beans if you wish; trimming brings new growth earlier. Susceptible to iron chlorosis. Short period of unattractive and messy look after blooming season is over.