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Photinia x fraseri

Fraser photina

Common: Fraser photinia, Red tip photinia, Chinese photinia, Japanese photinia
Family: Rosaceae
Origin: Of hybrid origin. Both parent plants are Asian in origin.
Light: Performs best in full sun
Water: Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions. Moderate drought tolerance.
Temperature: Hardy to 5 degrees F

Evergreen shrub or small tree. Most commonly used as a screen plant.

Can be used as border or background plant. Makes excellent espalier.

Moderate to fast growth to 10-15 feet, spreading wider. Leaves are glossy dark green above, and lighter underneath., 2 to 5 inches long. New growth is bright bronzy red.

White lacy flower clusters appear in early spring and attract birds.

Susceptible to fireblight, Texas root rot, chlorosis and aphids.

Prune in late winter but do not shape into formal hedge.