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Prunus persica

Common peach

Common: Common peach (fruiting)
Family: Rosaceae
Origin: Originated in the west part of QinHai in China, with a long history of cultivation.
Zones: Vary by species
Light: Full sun
Temperature: Do best with some chilling in winter. Only specially selected varieties do well in extremely mild-winter areas. Lack of winter chilling results in delayed foliation, little fruit, and eventual death of tree. The high desert satisfies chilling requirements, but late frosts make early-blooming varieties risky. Few are satisfactory in mild winter areas of low desert. Also need clear hot weather during the growing season.
Soil: Requires good drainage.
Water: In hot summers, water while fruit is forming.

Small deciduous tree from 15 to 25 feet tall, usually developing a spread equal or greater than its height. Ascending limbs and a low, broad, globular crown. Pink flowers, 1 to 1-1/2 inches across, solitary or paired, appearing in April before the leaves. Large fruit, almost globular, yellow and/or reddish, maturing in June-July and into August. Widely cultivated in the United States and parts of Canada for home use and markets.