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Aloe variegata

Desert zinnia

Common: Partridge Breast Aloe, Tiger Aloe
Family: Asphodelaceae
Origin/Range: Western South Africa, Namibia
Light: Light shade
Hardy to 18°F (-7°C)

Water:  Keep relatively dry, its main growing periods are spring and fall.

lso known as Aloe variegata var. haworthii, Aloe punctata, Aloe ausana

Aloe variegata is a very popular succulent plant in many areas of the world. It likes shade and does great on most window sills. It is one of the rare plants that does better in the house than in a greenhouse.

he 1 foot tall stalk (30 cm) carries pink to red flowers with green edges. Aloe variegata blooms in winter. Rosettes up to 12 inches tall (30 cm). Leaves are dark green marked with irregular bands of white, and have white toothed edges.

The whole plant is poisonous.