AZ Arboretums

Oenothera caespitos

Desert zinnia

Common: White evening primrose
Family: Onagraceae
Origin: Native to U.S. Southwest, Baja California
Sunset Zone: 1-3, 7-14, 18-21
Light: Full sun
Soil: All soil types
Water: Little water
Temperature: Hardy in warm areas. Killed to the ground in cold winter but quickly recovers in spring.

Good ground cover for dry slopes. Used for borders, bedding plant, along fences and walks. Good for natural or desert landscapes.

Valued for showy, four-petaled, silky early summer flowers; grows in clumps less than 1 ft. high and to three feet wide. Unique rounded growth habit.

Gray-green fuzzy leaves.

During summer bloom period, profuse 1-1/2-in. flowers are carried on stems 8 in. high; stems die back after bloom. Heavy bloom in early summer, 3-4-in. white flowers that open in the evening, close in bright sunshine.

Thrives with little or no care once established.