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Myrtus communis

Desert zinnia

Common: Myrtle, True Myrtle, Common Myrtle, Roman Myrtle
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Native habitat is unknown
Light: Best in light shade to full sun
Highly drought tolerant
Temp: Hardy in Phoenix. Hardy to Zone 7.
Soil: Soil should be allowed to dry in-between waterings

Evergreen shrub, or small tree, 5 to 15 feet tall (1.5-4.5 m), 4 to 20 feet spread (1.2-6 m) depending on the variety; elliptic to ovate leaves, strongly scented when crushed, 2 inches long (5cm).

Myrtus communis or True Myrtle is an evergreen shrub or small tree with dense foliage. The 2-inch lanceolate leaves are strongly scented when crushed. Myrtles have been cultivated for centuries and their native habitat is unknown.

Blooming Time: Summer. The ¾ inch white flowers are sweetly scented.

Tip chlorosis is a problem if the soil does not drain well. Fertilize monthly during the growing season. Trim in early spring to keep a desired form