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Verbena tenuisecta

Moss verbena

Common:  Moss verbena
Family:   Verbenaceae
Origin/Range: South America
Light:  Full sun; hugs ground in sun, more upright in shade
Hardy to low teens; may die back to main stem but recovers

Water:  Drought tolerant; best with some supplemental (once every few weeks)
Soil: Uniform, best with some organic amendment

Also known as: Glandularia pulchella (Sweet) Troncoso, Glandularia tenuisecta, Verbena pulchella, Verbena pulchella var. gracilior, Verbena tenuisecta var. alba.

Compared to other verbenas, Rock verbena has very delicate, lacy foliage, and a flat growth habit, to about 8 inches tall by 4 feet wide. Its flowers are a more subtle shade of purple than those of Sandpaper verbena. Like Verbena gooddingii, Rock verbena can be short-lived, but naturalizes in the landscape.

Flowers are terminal clusters of tiny compound flowers; many hues of purple, plum, white; strongest bloom in spring, then declining in summer heat, flowering returns with cooler temperatures.