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Pinus brutia var. eldarica

Goldwater pine

Common: Mondel pine, Goldwater pine, Afghan pine, Quetta pine
Family: Pinaceae
Origin: Southwestern Asia
Soil: Tolerates indifferent soils
Water: Thrives in heat, drought, wind
Temperature: Cannot take temperatures much below 0 degrees F.

Maintains a generally pyramidal form; ultimate height is 50-80 ft.

Resembles Aleppo pine, but much more cold hardy and faster growing.

Dense, erect, close to classic pine tree shape. Needles in 2s, 5 to 6-1/2 inches long, dark green; cones 3 in. oval to oblong.

Somewhat of a mystery pine.

From a region that experiences extreme temperatures of hot and cold, as well as severe drought.