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Brahea armata

Mexican blue palm

Common: Mexican blue palm
Family: Arecaceae (Palmae)
Origin: Native to Baja, California/Mexico
Sunset Zones: 10, 12-17, 19-24
Light: Full sun
Soil:: Tolerant, but needs good drainage
Water: Drought tolerant

Specimen trees or grove. Residential, street, public area tree. Complements other desert plants as well as tropical species. It is a good transitional plant between different landscape themes.

Silvery color of foliage gives nice contrast. Vertical with age. Crown spread of 8 to 10 feet; crown is wider than high.

Very slow growing fan palm. Heavy trunk, small head and stiff leaves. Stiff waxy silvery-blue fronds, remains lush and attractive for many years. Very clean and neat appearance.

Fragrant whitish garlands to 18 ft. long in summer.

Mature to reddish brown and produce hard berrylike fruit. Some clean-up necessary of old fronds and fruit.