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Pistacia lentiscus

Mastic tree

Common: Mastic Tree
Family: Pistacia lentiscus
Origin: Native to the Mediterranean
Temperature: Hardy to 20 degrees
Light: Full sun
Soil: Sandy soil
Water: Low water

Evergreen shrub or tree, low and spreading. Can sometimes reach height of 15 feet, with 20 ft. spread. Dark green leathery leaves, 6-18 leaflets, oval and smooth edged. cream to yellow flowers appear in February to May, growing in dense patches or spikes. Berries are bright red to shiny black. Anthers are dark red for male flowers and greenish for female. This tree has moderate litter and thorns. Bark sunburns if tree is overpruned.

The tree's resin is used for chewing gum. The berries are sometimes used for making sweets or liqueurs.