AZ Arboretums

Platanus x acerifolia

London plane

Common: London plane
Family: Platanaceae
Sunset Zone: 2-24
Light: Stands up beautifully under city smog, soot, dust and reflected heat
Soil: Tolerates most soils
Water: Somewhat drought tolerant, but better with some deep watering in summer

Good street, park or lawn tree; used in lines and blocks for formal plantings - avenues, screens, masses. 30-40 ft. spread; smooth cream-colored upper trunk and limbs. Fast growth to 40-80 ft.

Deciduous. Leaves are 3-5 lobed, 4-10 inches wide, maple-like. Brown, ball-like seed clusters hang from branches on long stalks through winter.

Can be pollarded to create dense, low canopy.

Watch for spider mites and scale.

Powdery mildew can cause premature leaf drop in some seasons.

Chlorosis may be a problem in the desert.