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Eucalyptus citriodora

Lemon gum

Common: Lemon-scented gum
Family: Myrtaceae
Origin: Indigenous to N.E. Australia, but now extensively grown in many other countries such as China, India, and South America.
Light: Full sun
Water: Tolerates much or little water
Temperature: Frost tender. Hardy to 23-28 degrees F.

Designer's tree. Enhances any architecture. Can grow close to walks, walls. Perfect for groves. Very fast growing.

Slender, tall, graceful, to 75-100 feet. Trunk is usually straight, sometimes curved, weak when tree is young; stake stoutly. Leaves are long and narrow, golden green and lemon scented. Trunk and branches powder white to pinkish.

Once tree gets up in the air, you will need binoculars to see flowers. Blooms whitish, in clusters, followed by seed capsules 3/8 inch wide.

Cut back and thin often to strengthen. Fragrance is very noticeable in hot weather, and when leaves are crushed. Fresh and dried foliage is used for potpourri. Can be used as indoor container plant.

Of the perfume-bearing oils, that of E. citriodora contains up to 98% of citronellol and is much used in perfumery, fetching four times as much as the medicinal oils.