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Ficus microcarpa nitida

Desert zinnia

Common: Indian laurel fig
Family: Moraceae
Origin: Native to India, Malaya
Sunset Zones: 9, 13, 16-24
Light: Full sun to partial shade
Soil: Widely tolerant.
Water: Drought tolerant but need moderate to ample water in desert regions

Widely used along streets in Southern California and San Francisco Bay area.

Can also be grown in containers, and can be sheared to produce a more formal appearance. Provides dense screening. Can be used in very formal garden.

Dense foliage on upright-growing branches. Subtropical tree with aerial and a buttressed trunk.

Rounded crown. Moderate growth to 30-40 feet. The more sunlight this tree receives, the more leaves it produces. Leaves are clear lustrous green, 2-4 inches long, pointed at base and apex. Smooth gray bark. Evergreen. Inedible fruit

Widely used for formal hedges and fanciful topiary, due to its adaptability to shaping. Low maintenance plant except for occasional trimming to keep clean and unified look.