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Rosa Banksiae

Lady Bank's Rose

Common:Lady Bank's Rose, Tombstone Rose
Family: Rosaceae
Origin/Range: China
Light: Best in full sun; tends to get powdery mildew in cool or shady locations
Hardy to low teens or single digits, drops leaves at lower temps
once or twice per week for good ornamental quality
Soil: Tolerant; better in prepared

aturally a low bush, usually trained over arches or along walls. Semi-evergreen in Tucson. Grows 12-20 ft tall. Leaves are compound, to 2.5in long, glossy green, 3-5 leaflets per leaf,; standard rose form. Flowers are yellow or white clusters, double or single; bloom in early spring through summer.

rained to grow upward on trellises, arches or pergolas, they need little garden space (unless you never prune them, then some varieties could swallow a whole yard). Easy to find. Nurseries, hardware stores, and some grocery stores sell them in spring. Look for older or rare varieties at specialty nurseries.

Although it blooms for only a few weeks in spring, its frothy clusters of scentless, double yellow or white flowers nearly cover the plant. Nearly evergreen and thornless, it is extremely vigorous. Try it as a ground cover.