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Fortunella margarita


Common: Kumquat, Nagami kumquat
Family: Rutaceae
Origin: Indochina
Zones: 8, 9, 12-14 or indoors, USDA 9-10 (8 with protection)
Light: Full sun
Temperature: Hardy to 18 degrees F. May not flower or fruit in cold winter citrus climates, but always worthwhile for form and foliage.
Soil: Requires fast drainage.
Water: Needs adequate soil moisture for healthy growth and good fruit production.

Very hardy. Leaves bright green, oval, 3 inches long.

White flowers have rich orange blossom fragrance.

Edible rind is sweet, flesh is tart. Fruit can be candied, preserved whole, or used in marmalade or jelly. Expect regular fruit production only in warm summer areas.

Plant size variable (6 to 25 ft.) when grown on its own roots. In pots or tubs, suited for patio or garden. Easy to care for, takes well to pruning.

Needs to be fertilized regularly for optimal growth.