AZ Arboretums

Buxus m. japonica

Japanese boxwood

Common: Japanese boxwood
Family: Buxaceae
Sunset Zone: All zones
Light: Full sun or shade. May sunburn if clipped too closely late in the season.
Soil: Well drained soil
Water: Moderate

Compact texture and round appearance of plant makes a nice background for annuals. Makes pleasing, informal shrub; most often clipped as low or medium hedge, or shaped into globes, tiers, pyramids in containers.

Good for renaissance-type gardens. Compact, slow growing, hardy. Grows to 4-6 ft. and as wide if not contained.

Small, shiny, 1/2-1 in., round-tipped leaves. Bright green in summer, brown or bronze in winter in many areas; Flowers are inconspicuous, coming in early spring.

Extra care with feeding and watering needed for mites and scale; subject to browning out in spots from reflected heat or yellowing from iron chlorosis.

Heavy clipping should be done in fall or late winter before heat arrives.