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Pinus pinea

Stone pine cone

Common: Italian stone pine, Umbrella pine
Family: Pinaceae
Origin: Native to northern Mediterranean regions
Light: Full sun
Water: Young trees every week or two; mature trees every month or two.
Temperature: Hardy. Takes heat and aridity well once established. Old trees hardy in Northwest, young ones tender. Good in California valleys and on coast. Successful in Tucson.

Excellent in beach gardens. Eventually too large for small gardens. Splendid roadside tree. Young trees are handsome, older trees striking. Moderate growth to 40-60 feet high, 30-35 feet wide. In youth, stout, bushy. In middle life, thick trunk is topped with umbrella form of many branches. In old age, broad and flat-topped. Needles in twos, 5-8 inches in length. Bright to gray-green, stiff. 

Decorative pine cones give abundant crop of pignolias. Cones are glossy, chestnut brown.

This is the pine of Rome and of Renaissance paintings. It is also the source of pignolias (pine nuts), eaten worldwide as a flavorful, protein-rich food. Plants are sold as miniature Christmas trees and are ornamental.