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Cupressus sempervirens

Italian cypress

Common: Italian cypress
Family: Cupressaceae
Origin: Native to southern Europe, western Asia
Sunset Zones: 4-24; best in 8-15, 18-20
Light: Full to reflected sun
Soil: Widely tolerant. Prefers light, dry soils.
Water: Regular irrigation until established. Established trees may need deep, widely spaced irrigation.

Strong vertical. Formal contained effect, strong accent plant.

Effective in rows as emphasis planting for roads, drives, boundaries.

Tall, narrow, vertical windbreaks. Very dense, erect and columnar form.

Grows at moderate to slow rate to 60-80 feet, with the widest diameter no more than 10 feet. 

Scaly, dark gray-green foliage, nearly to ground. Inconspicuous flowers and cones.

Aromatic foliages grows so close that its twigs resemble braided twine.